How It All Came About

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We are thrilled that those who have purchased our handmade wooden decor know they are getting a unique product of heirloom quality.

Before we created TNT Wood Workshop, we were content with our day to day lives. But when Todd decided to retire, we knew that he’d need something to do with himself! We set our minds to figuring out what he could  do  with all that free time on his hands. We came up with TNT Wood Workshop!

Todd had built cornhole sets for over 10 years, but we were concerned that there wasn’t that much need for cornhole sets to keep him busy. We thought the market was saturated.

I suggested there was a lot more he could do than build cornhole boards. He’d already built some custom pieces of furniture, such as book cases and entertainment centers. I was sure that we could think of some other quality handmade products that people would buy for their homes.

One of the first items we decided to make was an entryway bench with a compartment for storing your shoes when you come in the house. They were out of sight, but you’d always know where they were when you needed them. So we set about designing a unique, high quality bench made out of beautiful oak wood for the home.

It turned out that it took time to perfect the design. We made several that we gave as gifts that first year and sold a few to local friends. We weren’t sure if we would be able to make a sustainable business or not, but our business has grown by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. We opened an Etsy store in 2015 and began selling at crafts shows and festivals. Those coupled with our Facebook page and website caused  business to boom! We are getting custom orders through all avenues and continue to release new lines of product, all with special attention to handmade quality!